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Summer Parade2012 – Bali Fashion Week Models

Welcome to the Summer Parade 2012 – Bali Fashion Weeks.

The Management of InWorld Inc New Generation 


Summer Parade 2012 – Bali Fashion Week Models

**Note : All Models are not arrange in any kind of format. To be continue..


Face Of inWorld 2012 inWorld inc. New Gen 1st Anniversary Party

inWorld inc. New Gen Presents.

Face Of inWorld 2012 Final & inWorld inc. New Gen 1st Anniversary Party
Date: Thursday, May 10th 2012
Time: 4PM SLT
Place:inWorld inc. New Gen Plaza

Be a Witness of First Face Of inWorld 2012 and Join Our 1st Anniversary Party
featuring by’ DJ Thorn Andel
inWorld DiscoVer Dancer Sponsor by’ My Animation & D-Style

FOI2012 Sponsor by’ 13 most famous and esteem designer in Second Life Akeruka, Costa Creation, Countdown, Danielle, Egoisme, Gabriel, {K}Rea store, Legal Insantiy, LoveCat, Pipins, SoliDea FoliEs, SYS, and Vero Modero.