About The Magazine

InWorld Life Style Magazine originated from the word ¨ inworld ¨  frequently used by the SecondLife community to describe The amazing world inside SL.   An amazing world full of unique places, high fashion couture, exciting things to discover, wild roleplay and vast music and hobby selections.

InWorld Life Style Magazine is … Versatile and high quality.  With edgy articles that cover all areas of the SecondLife lifestyle which include:  Fashion, business, people, interior decor, sports, hanging out, places, trends, music, art, events, gadgets and others.   The magazine is written and presented to you by professional journalists that try to cover only the best that SL offers us.

InWorld Life Style Magazine is managed by the  InWorld Inc Editorial Team.
It  aims to be a guide and directory for our readers, as well as a promotion showcase for talented designers and creative people who want to reach our readers.

Our Readers have an insight on who they are; they are hip, trendy, adventurous and fashionable readers.  They enjoy style and exploring places in SecondLife.  Our readers can discover all the latest information, trends and the newest products in SL thru InWorld Life Style Magazine.


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